Namaste Wahala Soundtrack EP

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A Nigerian woman and an Indian man won’t let cultural differences get in the way of their romance. The movie, Namaste Wahala Nollywood Bollywood follows Raj, an Indian investment banker who finds himself falling in love with a Nigerian lady called Didi.

The movie has every bit of the Bollywood touch with its colorful essence and musical drama. The film became an instant hit when it premiered on Netflix. But what became a highlight of Valentine’s week is the blockbuster music that went into the movie.

The soundtrack consists of 6 solid tracks.

Tracklist of Namaste Wahala Soundtrack EP below;

1. Namaste Wahala – Kelvin Ebuka “Opdate” Otum Nanya Ijeh

2. I Don’t Want To Let You Go – Dwayne Gamree

3. Can’t Live – Nanya Ijeh

4. Action Film – Jude “M.I.” Abaga

5. Namaste Wahala (Remix) – Kelvin Ebuka “Opdate” Otum Nanya Ijeh

6. Pursuing Happiness – Kelvin Ebuka “Opdate” Otum Nanya Ijeh & Hamisha Daryani Ahuja & Jude “M.I.” Abaga & Michael “Onyi” Uzoma

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