I want to Travel the World. Where Do I Start From?

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What You Must Know Before Planning Your Travel Around the World

People often travel to clear their heads and ease their minds after decades of years in service while others would love to tour around the world during an annual vacation from work. According to Forbes, 70% of millennials sensed travel as their pivot reason to work while 5% of millennials sensed themselves as digital nomads. At times traveling around the isn’t the problem but places to go, where to start from, and above all enough money to spend because it requires more than a stipend to tour around the world.

In this article I would expose you to things you must consider before leaving your domestic terminals and places you should visit during your world tour, I might not be able to give you the exact point to begin your world tour with, due to the proximity of your present location, but it will be the nicest thing to do if you can start your tour within your country. So, enjoy your land first before setting off to see the world.

Things to consider when thinking about how you can Travel the World

Here are some of the factors you must have in mind before planning your round-the-world tour.

How to go about it; the most cost-effective and efficient way to travel around the world is to purchase around the world tour tickets and understanding how it works would save you lots of money and stress.

Time frame; you have to decide on how long you would spend during your round-the-world tour that is you have to schedule your movement to meet your designated time frame.

Time of the year; the weather condition will not be the same in all your stop-overs make inquiries on weather conditions before setting off.

Where to go;  this is the center of gravity of this article like I said earlier, you should always start your round the world within your country before setting off to enjoy the rest of the world thereafter you can start with countries of your choice that are closer to you. These are some of the places people would die to spend their holidays;

Thailand Jade rice paddy field, Railway beach
New Zealand Milford sound park, lake Tekapo
Japan The Mandarin Oriental Tokyo, Mountain Fuji, Kyoto
Puerto Rico Old San Juan, Fortaleza street, Paseo de la Princesa, La Concha
India Taj Mahal, Amber Palace, Hawa Mahal, Ranthambore National Park
Jamaica Montego Bay
Italy Rome to see Colosseum, Amalfi Coast, Florence
Bahamas Exuma
Morocco Atlas Mountain, Medina street, Marrakech
Costa Rica Tortuguero National Park, Rainforest Wildlife on a beach

the famous water lilies.

I hope that you truly enjoy this piece and can start planning your tour around the world today!


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